X 1500 1600 1650 1700 1725 1750 1754 1760   1763 1770 1774 1776 1780 1784 1787 1789 1800 1810 1815 1820 1825 1828 1830 1835 1838 1840 1845 1850 1855 1860 1865 1870 1872 1875 1877 1880 1882 1883 1885 1886 1890 1895 1900 1903 1905 1907 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1917 1920 1922 1924 1925 1926   1927 1928 1929 1930 1932 1935 1940 1946 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1955 1958 1960 1962 1963 1965 1967 1970 1975 1978 1980 1985 1987 1990 1993 1995 2000 2010
      Baroque Era The Enlightenment     Industrial Revolution           Romanticism 1774-1850   Classical Age                     AGE OF COMMUNICATION   Victorian Age 1836-1900                     Modernism                                                         INFORMATION AGE ATOMIC AGE   COLD WAR ERA         SPACE AGE                                  
PHILOSOPHY Augustine 300 AD     Rene Descartes Gottfried Leibniz - 1705   Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten Jean Jacque Rousseau             Immanuel Kant     Immanuel Kant Georg Hegel Arthur Schopenhauer         Georg Hegel August Comte 1830-45                   Impressionism   Frederick Nietzsche         Sigmund Freud                   Clive Bell       Henri Bergson   Sigmund Freud   Martin Heidegger         Walter Benjamin (1936)   John Dewey John Dewey Jean-Paul Sartre   Jean-Paul Sartre Maurice Merleau-Ponty     Hannah Arendt (1958) Marcel DuChamp (1958) Hanna Arendt Martin Heidegger Emmanuel Levinas Herbert Marcuse (1966) Habs-Georg Gadamer 1968 Lewis Thomas Ferdinand de Saussure Jacque Lacan Jacque Derrida 1984 Maurice Blanchot Jean Baudrilliard Alain Badiou Howard Gardner 1993 Gregory Ulmer Maxine Greene  
concept visual language     Cartisianism, 1641 Monads - " New essays On   coined the term aesthetics natural law of rights, 1754             Criticism (1781)     intellectual beauty Phenomenology Phenomenology / Will to Live           positivism: nature and society                   1874 in Paris   Will-to-Power         1st psychoanalytic work                   Aesthetic Theory (1914)       Dynamism of life   Psychoanalysis (1920)   Daesin / Being         The breakdown of art through the copy   1934 Art Ed philosophy Pragmatism Existentialism (1943)   1949 Lit Theory Phenomenology / Perception     Political action Interview by Pierre Cabanne 1958 1962 Ontology Ethical relation of the other homogenization, conformity Hermeneutics / Interpretation man and nature Semiology, (1974)   Deconstructionism Limits of writing (1989) Hyper reality (1998) Multiplicity 1992-98 Learning modalities Electrate (1994) 2001 Aesthetic Education  
title iconography     "Meditations" The Human Understanding   Aesthetica Acroamatica Discourse on Inequality             Critique of Pure Reason     Critique of Aesthetic Judegement Phenomenology of Spirit The World as Will & Representation         Hermeneutics Cour de Philosophie Positive                   First Impressionist exhibition   Beyond Good & Evil                             Art as Significant Form       The Perception of Change   Beyond the Pleasure Principle   Being and Time         Work of Art in the Age of Reproduction   Art As Experience   Being And Nothingness   What is Literature The Visible and the Invisible     The Human Condition "Art as Non-Aesthetic The Human Condition Being and Time The Trace of the Other 1963 One-Dimensional Man Philosophical Hermeneutics Lives of a Cell, (1974) Course in General Linguistics   Of Grammatology The Space of Literature. "Ecstasy of Communication" "Infinite Thought" Multiple Intelligences Heuretics the Logic of Invention The Blue Guitar  
ART 30,000 BC   Michalangelo Caravaggio                 Fragonard       Thomas Peale Jacques-Louis David Immanuel Kant Jacques-Louis David     Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes Eugene Delacroix , 1827     Joseph William Turner       Antoine Chintreuil   Rossiter and Mignot James A. M. Whistler Gustave Courbet   Edgar Degas     Claude Monet Odilon Redon Paul Cezanne Vincent van Gogh Auguste Rodin Henri Rousseau Vincent van Gogh     Pablo Picasso Wassily Kandinsky Picasso & Braque Herni Matisse Marc Chagall Umberto Boccioni Marcel Duchamp P. Picasso & G. Braque Cabaret Voltaire Paul Klee           Constantine Brancusi   Museum of Modern Art Piet Mondrian Salvador Dali Frank Lyod Wright Piet Mondrian   Alberto Giacommetti     Marcel Duchamp   Jasper Johns                               Bill Viola  
concept paintings   1601 - oil on canvas                 1770 - O/C       Portrait of George washington 1787 - French Revolutionary materiality as representation 1793 - on the Reign of Terror     Sensation over order Imagination / Romanticism,     Evaporation of form, 1837       Pre-Impressionism   1859 - "Washington & Lafayette Ficticous space, 1865 Transparent air   Pictoral illusionary space     Impressionism, 1882 Dreams; the unconscious Composition of multiples Multiple perspectives Modern sculpture 1892 1897 impression / expression     Synthetic form (1907) 1909 - Color as composition Analytic Cubism Synthetic space Psychological symbolism Futurism / Dynamism (1913) event in time 1914 Synthetic Cubism unscript performance 1922           Sybolic motion   1st moderm art museum   1931 surrealism   pure movement   dehumanization     Ready-mades, from 1913   1954-55                               video installation, (2000)  
title France   "Death of the Virgin"                 "The Reader"         "The Death of Socrates" o/c Towards Perpetual Peace "The Death of Marat"     "The Ruins of the Villa Farnes" "The Death of Sardanapalus"     "Snowstorm, Avalanche, "       "The Coast."   at Mount Vernon," o/c "Nocturnein Blue and Gold" "Seascape", 1874   "Ballet Rehearsal", (1876)     "Cliff Near Dieppe" "The Dream", 1883 "The Bather", (1885) "Shoes", 1886 "Naked Balzac" "Sleeping Gypsy" "Starry Night", (1889)     "Demoiselles de Avingnon" "Picture with an Archer" "Ma Jolie" & "Soda" "The Red Studio", (1911) "I and the Village", (1911) "Unique Forms in Space" "Network of Stoppages"   Happening "Twittering Machine"           Bird is Space", (1928)   MoMA   Persistance of Memory" Kaufmann House, (1936) Broadway Boogie Woogie   "City Square", (1948)     "Bicycle Wheel", (1951)   Flag                               Quittet of Remembrance"  
MUSIC     Jacopo Peri   Johann S. Bach                   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart       Ludwig van Beethoven                 RICHARD WAGNER               RICHARD WAGNER Will White   Claude Debussy     Richard Strauss     Scott Joplin                           Bessie Smith                         Pierre Scheffer 1948             Dick Higgins   John Cage   John Cage & Lejaren Hiller                    
concept     1597- 1st opera   free fugue                   tragic opera       intoduces dissonence                 Opera, emersive theater               Opera & Drama, (1876) 1st recorded music   shifting harmonies     1888     1899                                             1936       musique concrte, electronic             Intermedia 1962   Indeterminacy (1965)   indeterminate concert                    
title     Dafine   Well Tempered Clavier                   Idomeneus       "Eroica", 1804                 Total Artwork               "Ring of the Nibelungs"     Nocturnes'     "Don Jaun"     "Maple Leaf Rag"                           "Lady-luck Blues"                 electric guitar       Symphony for One man Only                 Chance operations   HPSCHD, 1967-69                    
FILM                                                       William Henry Fox Talbot 1843     Roger Fenton 1857   Julie Margaret Cameron               Frank Jay Hayes Emily Dickinson Frances Bejamin Johnson Emile Renaud)   George Melies             D. W. Griffith F.T.Marinetti David wark Griffith Lee De Forest C. Sheeler & P. Strand Alfred stieglitz Fernand leger Eugene Atget Fritz Lang Sergei Eisenstein Warner Brothers Vsevolod I. Pudovkin   Alexander Rodchenko   Bernice Abbott 1935 Dorthea lange,   Denis Gabor   Hans Namuth     from Lee De Forest                                  
concept                                                       salt print from paper negative     Albumen-silver print   Albumen-silver print               Albumen-silver print (1886) 1890 Platnum Print, (1889-90) (Press)     Science fiction, (1902)             1914 Futurist Cinema (1916) Cabiria movement sound on film (1917) Dynamics of city Gelatin-silver print 1924 - movie Symbolic culture Future urban society Seamless illusion in cinema 1st public talking film 1927 Theory; Plastic Synthesis   Gelatin-silver print   Women in photography- WPA photographer   Holography (1948)   Art film biography on     TransAtlantic cable (1956)                                  
title                                                       "Trafalgar Square, London"     "September Clouds"   "Untitled", 1866               Gibbons Falls, Yellowstone "Poems" "Staway of Treasurer's residence" The Clown and his Dogs   A Trip to the Moon,             The Battle at Elderbush Gulch   "Intollerance", (1916)   Manhattan", (1921) "Equivalent", (1922) "Ballet Mecanique" "Fete du Trone", 1925 "Metropolis", (1926) "Potemkin", (1926) "The Jazz Singer" Storm Over Asia", (1928)   "Rehearsal, Belomorsk Canal", (1933)   "The Daily News Buikding" Migratory Workers", 1940       Jackson Pollock                                        
LITERATURE 8000 BC         Benjamin Franklin                         Jane Austin   Samuel Taylor Coleridge John Keats     Alfred Lord Tennyson     John Ruskin   Harriet Beecher Stow       Ralph waldo Emerson   Mark Twain Henry James Mathew Arnold         Jacob Riis     Upton sinclair     Gertrude Stein             T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Edith wharton                                     Samuel Beckett William Borroughs                              
concept Language         Poor Richards Almanack                             Function of literature; critque Beauty as Truth, Truth beauty     Victorian poetry     Style / moral aesthetics   1852 - fueled the Civil War       1870   1876 1877 Cultural criticism, 1881               Social reform -1902     1902             1917 1920                                       philosophy of mind and body Cut-ups, 1959                              
title Egypt         common sense                         Sense & Sensibility   "Biographia Literaria", 1817 Ode on a Grecian Urn, 1819     The Hesperides"     From Modern Painters   Uncle Tom's Cabin       "Society and Solitude"   "Advebtures of Tom Sawyer" "The American" "Literature and Science"         "How the Other Half Lives"     "The Jungle"     , Three Lives"             Prufrock and Other Observations  Hugh Selwyn Mauberly "The Age of Innocence"                                     "Krapps Last Tape", (1959)                                
POLITICS     Baroque Era The Enlightenment Russian Empire   Industrial Revolution 1750         Boston Masacre Boston Tea Party Thomas Jefferson Paris Peace Treaty Marquis de Lafayette Continental Congress Louisiana Purchase Lewis & Clark War of 1812   Missouri Compromise     Nat Turner First State Fair Trail of Tears - Treaty of New Echo   Discovery of gold Karl Marx   American Civil War Abraham Lincoln         Karl Marx John D. Rockefeller Geronimo / Luet. Charlse Gatewood     World's Columbian Exhibition       Theodore Rosevelt               First World War 1917 Russian Revolution                 Stock market crash       Pearl Harbor attach. United Nations Germany surrenders NATO formed McCarthyism (1950)   Brown Vs Board of Ed   Soviet Union Soviet Union Cuban Missile Crisis   Free Speech (1964) Six day War (1967) Neil Armstrong Vietnam War GLOBAL ECONOMY   Chernobyl Meltdown            
concept     grand scale culture of reason     interchangable parts         1770 1773 1776 - equality - liberty 1783 - fall 1784 - visits Mount Vernon signed on Sept. 17, 1787 1803 - from Franch expansionism     1820 - (except Missouri)     Slave revolt (1831) cultural exposition 1838 -1839 - Pres. Van Buren   1845 -1849   -1861 Assassinated (1865)             1883     1893 Chicago       US World Power                 1917                 -1929       USA enter WWll 1941 Begins 1945 End of WWll Military balance Anti-communist hysteria   Desegregation   1st Earth-orbiting satellite First man in outer space 1962     Israel Independence First man on Moon Ends - April 29, 1975 1970   Nuclear threat            
title       The Age of Reason formed 1721 - 2001   ecconomy of production         British tax levies colony tax protest Declaration of Independence the end of Revotionary War   US Constitution   Exploration 1804 maritime rights of neutrals   slavery ban in the West       New York, 1841 forced exodus of the Cherokee   Westard exspansion Communist Manifesto               das Capital Standard Oil Trust Geronimo surrenders             The Great White Fleet                 Birth of Leninism                               1949         Sputnik (1957)   nuclear standoff       -1969       -1986            
ELECTRATE 2000 BC                           Charles-Augustin de Coulomb         Hans Christian Oersted   Michael Faraday George Stephenson     Charlse Babbage   Samuel F.B. Morse   William Thomson Elisha Graves Otis   Gregor Mendel     Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison Thomas Edison         Marconi Valdemar Poulsen     Lee De Forest Marconi     Heike Kamerlingh Onnes       Wlliam Fox     Edwin Belin,   John Logie Baird       Philo T. Farnsworth   Zanuck & Schenk Vannevar Bush Commercial TV (1939) Vannevar Bush Howard Aiken Bell Labs       Hydrogen-Bomb   Kilby & Noyce Douglas Engelbart   Ted Nelson     Alan Kay Intel / Noyce (1979   Tin Berners-Lee            
concept battery                           theory of electric action         Electricity & magnetism   Electric motor (1921) railroad locomotive (1825)     1834 - British       transatlantic cable (1850) Elevator (1854)         1876 1877 Lighting         1897 1898 Danish     Triode Vacuum tube (1907) 1907     Superconductivity (1911)       Begins Media Empire     December 2, France   October, 1925, Scotland       Sept. 10, 1928, United States (1927)   1933 Mimex defined   Memex, (1945) First Electric Computer first transistor       0   195 Computer Interface   Hypertext (1963)     Interface (1972) 1st personnel Computer Compact Disc   Internet            
title Egypt                                                 Envisions data storage memory   telegraph (1844)         Genetics (1865)     Telephone Sound recording           wireless telegraphy first magnetic record / play apparatus.       LED light emitting diode             Fox Film Studio, 1915     electronic photo scanner   first mechanical television       first electronic television   20 Century Pictures Film Studio hypertext   "As We May Think" -1946 -1948           Integrated circuit Mouse, window environment           Altair 8800 (1975) CD   WWW (1989)            
SCIENCE       Sir Isaac Newton Thomas Newcomen Charles de La Condamine Leohard Euler Benjamin Franklin         Romanticism   John Mitchell     Marquis de Laplace Alessandro Volta Johnathan Gauss Charsle Babbage   Nikolai Lobachevski   Cyrus McCormick Charles Goodyear   Georg Simon Ohm   Rudolf J.E. Clausius Charles Darwin's ' Edwin L. Drake James Clerk Maxwell Friedrich Miescher   Charles Darwin   Ottmar Mergenthaler     Carl Benz 1885   George washington Carver Jules Henri Poincaire Herman mankowski Max Plank Albert Einstein / Physics Ernest Rutherford             Albert Einstein (1915)   Edwin Hubble       Werner Heisenberg   Alexander Friedmann     James Chadwick (1932)     Einstein, Fermi and Wagner Chuck Yaeger       Jonas Salk Watson & Clark C H. Townes & A.L. Schawlow         Stephen hawking 1965-70 Murray Gell-Mann (1969) John Wheeler (1969) Cohen & Boyer (1973) Patrick Steptoe (1978) unknown Russian Stephen Hawking            
concept       1687 1712 - British 1736 1737 Math           return to the senses   describes Black Holes     Deterministic universe   triangular numbers 1812 - British   Non-Euclian Geometry   Mechanical reaper (1831) vulcanized rubber (1839)   Resistance theory   Thermodynamics (1850) -1859 -1859 Electo magnetism (1865) 1869   1872   1884     1st Automobile to use an   1898 Modern agriculture 1895Math 1896 Geometrical theory Quantum Theory Henri Poincare / Math Electron discovered (1908)             General Relativity   Multiple galaxies       1926   George Lemaitre (1927)     Discovers neutron     Sustained nuclear reaction Breaks sound barrier       Vaccines -1953 Develop LASER         Roger Penrose Discovers Quarks / flavors Black Holes Genic Engineering 1st test tube baby Dark matter 1984            
title       "Principia" Steam engine invents rubber invents the symbol for pi Lightning rod             particle     wave electric batery Number Theory - Math Sequences Mathematical punch cards                   On the Origin of Species First oil well   Discovery of DNA   The Descent of Man    Linotype machine     Internal combustion engine   Crop Rotation Topology as physics 4-D space-time theory   Theory of Relativity (1905)                   Expanding Universe       Uncertainty Principle   Big Bang theory           (Dec. 2, 1942)         1952 Defined DNA structure           "wormholes"     Bio Technology Louise Joy Brown   String Theories            
INVENTION       Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Thomas Savery Henry Mill Caroline Lucretia Herschel           Cugnot, Nicolas-Joseph           Joseph marie Jaquard Alexander Humbolt   Thomas Wedgewood Joseph-Nicephore Niepce William Austin Burt Cyrus McCormick Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre   William Henry Fox Talbot   Joseph Dart George Boole Averil Paint Co. Christopher Latham Sholes Montgomery Ward Thomas Edison   Nikolaus A. Otto George Eastman   Gottlieb Daimler Etienne Lenoir George Eastman Thomas Edison Rudolf C.K. Diesel Ferdinand Zeppelin Wilber & Orville Wright     Henry Ford                                                                                        
concept       discovers 1683 1698 1714 1750           1769 steam powered           "punch card" technology German   a potter uses silver nitrates Invented film (1827) 1829 typing machine Mechanization 1831 1837 Invents daguerreotypes   negative print film   Mechanized production 1854 Symbolic logis 1867 1867 1st modern typewriter 1872- marketing 1872   1876     1885 invention inveted in 1885 1888 1st movie camera (1891) 1892   1st airplane, (1903)     Assembly line 1908                                                                                        
title       bacteria Steam engine typing engraver 1st woman astronomer           First Automobile           1805 Jaquard Loom Ecology   light sillouettes Invents photography typographer Reaper 1st Camera   calotype or talbotype   Mechanized grain elevator Booleen Algebra Premixed paints Typewriter & QWERTY Mail order catalog Electric Typewriter   4 stroke engine Film roll   carborator Internal combustion engine Box Camera   Diesel engine Dirigible (1900)       Model T                                                                                        
Architecture                                                                                     Gustav Eiffel                         Walter Gropius                                       Opening of Disneyland                                  
concept                                                                                     Metal urology 1889                         philosophical architecture                                       First theme park                                  
title                                                                                     Eiffel Tower                         Bauhaus, School, (1919)                                                                          
    1500's - 1600's Baroque 1500's - 1600's 1700 - 1780 Rococo   British - Rococo   1700 - 1780 Rococo           1700 - 1780 Rococo     Federal Period 1789-1823       Federal Period 1789-1823               1850 Manifest Destiny   1860 Manifest Destiny             1880 Moderism                                                                             Modernism                              
www.JohnToth.net     Colonial Period 1600- 1763         Colonial Period 1600 - 1763       1774 - Romanticism   return to the senses     Beauty and the sublime                       1850 Romanticism                                                                                                                              
    1500-1600-The Reformation       1723 Louis XV French   1774 Louis XV     1774 - Louis XV                           Victorian Age 1836-1900   Victorian Age 1836-1900   Victorian Age   Victorian Age 1836-1900       Victorian Age 1836-1900     Victorian Age 1836-1900   Victorian Age     Victorian Age 1836-1900                                                                                                  
        1650 The Age of Enlightenment     The Age of Enlightenment           The Age of Enlightenment         1789 The Age of Enlightenment               1835 Age of Communication       Age of Communication   Age of Communication       Age of Communication         Age of Communication       Age of Communication     Age of Communication     Age of Communication       Age of Communication       Age of Communication       Age of Communication       1935 Age of Communication 1935 Information Age                                                  
              French Indian War 1754 - 1763   French Indian War 1754 - 1763   1763-89 American Revoltionary War     1781 Yortown. Last battle 1763-89                                                                                                                                                          
                      1765 - 1800's Neo Classicism   Greek and Roman influence on Architecture and desin         1765 - 1800's Neo Classicism   1765 - 1800's Neo Classicism