Time Interval

Burchfield Penny Art Center

Buffalo, NY
October 20, 2013

The Front Yard, an outdoor permanent installation for electronic image and sound will open at the Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buffalo State on Friday, October 18, 2013, transforming the Elmwood Avenue 38-foot façade of the Center into a 24/7/365 new media gallery with works by artist and project co-designer Brian Milbrand followed by film and video makers: Steina, Barbara Lattanzi, Meg Knowles & Chris Gallant newly re-mastered pieces by the late Paul Sharits , Hollis Frampton and John Toth.

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John Toth
TIME INTERVAL, Score for Indeterminate Sequences of Video and Audio. 2013
Run time 11:12 minutes
Real time mathematical measurements of atmosphere, time and other natural phenomena transform both the video and audio playback. Three HD video projections are transformed and manipulated using Max MSP software that alters the video color, frame-rate, and contrast based on changes in the temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure.


In addition, three Panasonic WV-SW395 PTZ weatherproof dome cameras will be installed on the grounds of the Burchfield Penney chronicling images from around the Center. The pictures, also recorded based on weather and time of day, will be compiled for artists to use in new work. The camera images also may be presented in real-time based on the predetermined environmental factors. All audio and image output will be controlled by a software program designed by Milbrand using Max/MSP/Jitter.




John Toth copyright 2012-13