Lincoln Center institute

for the arts in education

Collaborators: Herb Perr and Diane Ramo, Heidi Miller and Teaching Artist / John Toth
The Museum of Arts and Design

Hunter College / M.A.D. Sept 29 Oct 2, 2003 ; 4:30-7:00 

Line of Inquiry:

How do the artists from US Design 1975-2000 (Gehry, Friedman, Krohn, Boym) design / transform everyday items (chairs) into extraordinary items by choosing materials that challenge our expectations?

The Collection

US Design 1975 2000-t0008.jpg (13757 bytes)

Frank Gehry, “Bubbles Chaise Lounge”

 US Design 1975 2000-t0013.jpg (12949 bytes)


(right) Dan Freidman, “Truth Side Armchair”


 US Design 1975 2000-t0005.jpg (13784 bytes)

(left) Constantine Boym, “Prototype, Husband ArmchairLisa Krohn,

(right) Steven Skov Holt, Tucker Viemeister, “Pool Armchair”


US Design 1975 2000-t0010.jpg (15379 bytes)
US Design 1975 2000-t0001.jpg (8457 bytes)

 US Design 1975 2000-t0015.jpg (17144 bytes)

US Design, 1975-2000


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