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by Michael Basinski

	The problem with the atmosphere of Venus

	Riddled      very       Venus       visible        very

	The surface is covered with water clouds

	vapor      view

	and that surface was a desert

	searches for water        at the Venus       on Venus

	beliEve Hermes said, Know that the Secret of everything and the

	Life of everything is Water, and this water is suseptible of

	treatment of men, woman  and others, and in the Vvater is a

	great secret, but not on Venus    liquid water

	instead of being no liquid water

	liquid water to cover the whole planet with an ocean

	The result will be no water    a model of Venus    and  of ice

	     in the vicinity     the ice identification     infrared

	or ice   is still in   idea of the clouds   vapor-pressure

	in studies of Venus

                     the band and pressure from the contours of the lines


                     	     transmissivity     Venus at this wavelength is

                     	              variable   average         deeper levels than

                     	       	           on other

                     	       		window, for which

                     	       		There is a serious question about

                     	       		the composition of the clouds

                     	       		curve          Venus          angle	

                     	       		(Sun-Venus-Earth).     curve     	

                     	       		bromonaphhtalene in water.

                     	       		in water is

                     	       		of water in

         (It is difficult to make small enough droplets of water in air for an experimental

         	measurement; they evaporate away.)

         					of water would

         		curve     they also Evaporate on Venus      curves of

         		Venus    Venus - its cloud layer    no water vapor on Venus

         		how the clouds could comntain water.  back to the water vapor

         		problem.   water on Venus   for water     This is the water

         	 which becomes Ferment in Wheat; Wine in the Vine; Olive  Oil in

         	 the Olive; Resin in the Turpentine -tree; oil in the Sesame, the

	 different kinds of Fruit in all the Trees.          water

	 abundance on Venus   observation which   which is a

	 resonance line of water    1% water    water vapor

			finds two intensity peaks

			here is another cloud layer

			clouds would not be water clouds

			they are clouds

			is also subject to similar uncertainties

				variation    curse  views

			on the bright and dark side

			Venus    vector

	Standing on the surface of Venus, we would see two days and two

	nights a  year	Venus    a smooth ocean       view:

	that Venus is covered with a plain

	parallel surface of pure liquid water and no waves.

	variation     value      value    volume  vicinity		

	visible		Venus     volume     value

	visible     visible    visible opacity      which winds driven

	by sunlight    falloff

	       velenghts    ved           Venus    vironment

	       		           Venus    ve       view       vational	  	         			



     "THE ATMOSPHERE OF VENUS"  copyright   Michael Basinski  1996

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