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WORD WAR / intermedia installation proposal

Rorschach Rhythm, November 8, 2014

Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY
Musical thought experiment. What if beauty existed in a micro-moment. Rorschach Rhythm, 3:22. 2014

In C March 25 -27 2014

Willson Theater, Juilliard School, New York, NY
A Multimedia Production of Terry Riley's Iconic Work.
Ed Billous, Esme Boyce, Langdon Crawford, Kevin DeYoe, Willie Fastenow, Sarah Outhewaite, John Toth and Britanny Vicars

time1 Time Interval September 21, 2013

Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY
TIME INTERVAL. "Score for Indeterminate Sequences of Video and Audio." 11:12, 2013
Real time mathematical measurements of atmosphere, time and other natural phenonama transform both the video and audio playback.

hpschd1 HPSCHD  December 7, 2012

An extended performance of HPSCHD (John Cage and LeJaren Hiller - 1969) by the Wesleyan New Music Alliance in Fayerweather Beckham Hall. Brian Parks, Jason Jia and Neely Bruce will be playing harpsichord. Visuals designed by John Toth.

Imagespace Imagination Space  Novemberr 28, 2012 - 2013

I discovered my medium as an artist early in life. As a child, I crawled under the quilting frame of my grandmother’s sewing circle. With my back to the cool basement floor, I watched as the sewing needles poked through the tightly stretched fabric. A bright light above the quilt illuminated the salvaged remnants of shirts and clothing that were transformed into brightly colored geometric patterns that bedazzled my eyes. 

as Alien Species  October 12, 2012 - February 2, 2013

Intermedia artist John Toth identifies with Charles Burchfieldís love of nature as an entry point for rethinking the American regional landscape as an Ďecstasy in fluxí. Using multiple data projectors, Toth transforms the once familiar paintings of Charles Burchfield into animated specters of transforming color, light and form.

Mars: East Buffalo Media Association May 4, 2012

Albright-Knox Art GalleryWish You Were Here Celebration
The East Buffalo Media Association unites on stage for a performance of “Mars.” This unique piece combines elements of poetry, art, and music, and demonstrates the EBMA’s mission of bringing together art and technology through content-based collaborations between artists and computer technology.


Mulitiple Points of Entry: Carrugi March 24, 2012,

The Center For The Arts, SUNY Buffalo. Amherst, NY. Choreography: Doug Varone, Video: John Toth, Music: Wolfgang A. Mozart, Libretto: Metastasio; Lighting: Lilly Fossner, Costume design: Liz Prince

mount Widow Dance  March 22-24, 2012

Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY.The installation of Widow Dance uses three video projectors to layer images of light, shape, color anfragmentedd sound onto sculpted layers of semi-transparent fabric. Video images of texts and symbols from a Metastasio libretto seem to spray from the projectors onto the fabric as if words could dissolve through the page.

ballo Mulitiple Points: Caruggi  Nov 7 - 11, 2011-

Flickinger Theater, Buffalo, NY.
Nichols School: How Do Choreographers and Artists Collaborate? A week long residency between choreogrpher Doug Varone and Intermedia artist John Toth guide dance and art students into the process of creating interdisciplinary collaborations.
Preview Sketches

Artpark Toth 1   Artpark

Artpark: 1974-1984  Sep 25 - Dec 18 2010 UB ART GALLERY

Artpark: 1974–1984 chronicles the seminal years of this innovative residency program located in Lewiston, New York, just north of Niagara Falls, in which artists spent summers creating temporary artworks outdoors.

Last One To The Top Jun. 7, 1978 — Sun., Jun. 11, 1978

Constructive Landscape   July 1982

John Cage

Chance Chants for John Cage January 23 – February 14, 2010
John Toth,1:05

Composed by John Toth.
Realized by John Malinowski, at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Lecture on the Weather: John Cage in Buffalo

Speaker, amplifier, microphone, and one die.
Toth Fairbank Dali Nurses Back

The Nurse's Back Choreographer Holly Fairbank and media installation artist John Toth.

Lincoln Center / Samuels Studio
Godwin-Ternbach Museum
Queens College
Dali Today: Dance and Beyond
Spring 2010

storm king

RIVER:  Hudson River Intermedia Installation Project
Joan Grossman & John Toth

Filmaker Joan Grossman and video installation artist John Toth canoe the Hudson River with HD cameras clamped to the gunnels. Dark tributaries and abandonded hazzards lie beside beautiful vistas. This media installation is structured around evocative themes such as “Journeys,” “Frontiers,” “Encounters,” “Detours,” “Landings.” The installation is a visually compelling experience.  With remote devices viewers activate images that ripple across multiple video projections.


HOMEcoming  November 7 - December 5, 2008

John Toth
Andrew Topolski
Bob Gulley
Lisa Toth

25 slide show 1: by Brian Duffy
slide show 2: by John Toth:


The New Perception:
Hypermediating Interdisciplinary Cultures Through Aesthetic Eduction

Oxford Round Table - July 8-13, 2007
Balancing The two Cultures: Critical Choices

Presentation: July 11th,2007
Download Paper
Download Powerpoint Presentation - ppt



In The Mix July 21, 2007
Karlos Carcamo, Peter Cody, Alejandro Dron, Nancy Hull Kearing, Joan Lesikin, D. Dominick Lombardi, Franc Palaia, TODT, John Toth, Eleanor White, and Michael Zansky

The inaugural exhibition “In The Mix” will be held from 6-9 pm featuring 11 artists living in Orange County and the Hudson Valley region. This exhibition will remain on view through July 21, 2007 at the Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY.

John Toth, "Disney Meets Duchamp," 2005, frame from 3-D animation, 3-D Studio Max, 72"x115", ink on glossy vinyl.
Announcement - John Toth artworks -



Washington and Lafayette: A Nous Deux (between us)
The Teacher as Cultural Curator: Building Multiple Literacies through Collaborations in the Art

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 -

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Rossiter and Mignot
Podcast: Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon
Podcast transcript - Transcript


Hypermedia Man: Hypermediating Art and Technology
John Toth, Guest Artist: presentation

The University of Iowa
The School of Art and Art History
150 Art Building West
October 9th, 2006, 8:00pm

... an aesthetic approach to the arts plays an important role in opening connections between the arts and sciences thereby restoring a balance between theory and practice.

Media Policy

Media Policy

Web page design by John Toth. Collaboration with Joan Grossman and Pinball Films for Grantmakers in Film & Electronic Media. This Media Policy web site site provides significant content and media to assist grant makers who require the most up to date understanding of leading issues in media policy.

... grassroots media activism ...

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Light ans Shadow

The Space of Creativity: Hypermediating the Beautiful and the Sublime

Dissertation presented to the European Graduate School on Dec. 20, 2005

Hypermedia Map
Abstract - Dissertation -
Media Project Overview - Light & Shadow
Timeline - Creativity & the Sublime - Video Preview -

Spirit Molecule

Spirit Molecule

Cork Gallery, New York, NY. Dec 2nd - 27th, 2005
Avery Fischer Hall / Lincoln Center

John Toth, 30" x 40" - 3-D Studio Max - digital print

... an abject science fictioning of truth.

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James Emery - Rhytm and Form - John Toth

Rhythm & Form

Fabric installation for James Emery and Drew Gress jazz performance at the Port-of-Call Gallery in Warwick, NY. Fabric installation by John Toth.

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Photo Vision

The Death of Word: Photographic Content, 2004, Digital Print

Photo Vision 2004
University Council for Art Education / Annual Show

The Camera Club - http://www.cameraclubofnewyork.org/
853 Broadway, 2nd floor at Union Square
New York, NY

May 1st - May 15

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X Media

Experiments in the space between text and image: hypermedia.

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Word Webs: Body Spirit Mind Game

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 Crash Test - 2003


Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY. Thu., May. 15, 2003
Co-sponsored/co-presented by: The Burchfield Penney Arts Center
The Intermedia performance of Crash Test was originally  performed  in Buffalo New York and fused music, concrete poetry, crash test film footage, slide projections and sculptural environments. Performed again at Hallwalls in Buffalo, New York on May 15th, 2003. Don Metz; composition,  Jim Perone; composition,  Michael Basinski; text,  John Toth; projected computer animations and 3-D virtual reality.

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  X Word Play

X Word Play

The intermedia premiere of X Word Play was at Hallwalls in Buffalo, New York on May 15th, 2003. Three dimensional word processing, like Apollinaire's Calligrammes tumble through space as  computer animations that use words as sculptural material projected into a fabric environment by John Toth, with poet, Michael Basinski and composer, Don Metz. 

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    (Proposal)   (Artworks

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THINk huMAN, May 15, 2003. John Toth's collaboration with Veridian rethinks the crash test industry as an aesthetic web of multiple technologies woven into layers of collaborating agencies that make SMART cars.




This artwork was created using the language, material and icons of the crash test industry (seat belts, airbags, safety technology). The Burchfield Penney Art Center, through Don Metz, negotiated a collaboration, for their Art On Wheels project, between Veridian Technologies (crash test study) and intermedia artist John Toth.

Concurrent with the this project is an EBMA performance on the twenty year anniversary of the first performance of Crash Test at Hallwalls on May 15, 2003

(Proposal)  (Artworks)

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Material Identity

collaboration between art and education.

John Toth and Diane Ramo from Lincoln Center Institute collaborate with Hunter College professor Herb Perr. Our idea was to look at an artsits "choice of materials" as being a lens for discovering something about personal identity. We looked at artworks by Gehry, Friedman, Krohn andBoym. From the exhibition US Design 1975-2000 at the Museum of Arts and Design

(Aesthetics: Lesson Plan)   (Artworks

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actAct Without Words

Jean Taylor "reflects" in Beckett's Act Without Words

Act Without Words

Sam Beckett's play interacts with a projected virtual reality set within in a fabric set by John Toth.  Directed by Shelley Wyant and portrayed by Alan Nebalthal and Jean Taylor. Eight performances were presented at the 78th Street Theatre Lab, New York, NY. on May 2,3,9,10,16, 17th, 2003. 

(Proposal)   (Artworks)  (Reflection)   (Reviews)

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Curating Visual Artusd1

Curating Visual Art

By looking and selecting artworks from US Design 1975-2000 (Kruger, Hoefler, Bierut, Trice, Friedman) what can you learn about personal and collective choices through the transformation of everyday items?  A collaboration between art and education.     

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reflection)

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Spatial Poetry

Apollinaire's Calligrammes and John Burrows' Cut-ups are but two alternative ways of rethinking poetry's relation to the potencies of visual form. Concrete poetry.

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Digital Transformations

Digital Transformations

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reflection)

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How is the partnering of Teaching Artist, John Toth (aesthetics) with Art Specialists, David McGreevy (curriculum) affected by the relationship of skills, context and aesthetics?   

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reflection)

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Light & Shadowls

The centennial anniversary of the Pan American Exhibition in Buffalo at the Burchfield Penney Art Center presents an opportunity for an intermedia installation by John Toth in collaboration with Margaret Foster and John Valentino of Arts in Education of Western New York.

(Proposal) (Toth site) (Light & Shadow) (Diary) (Artworks) (Valentino site)    (Reviews)

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Peter Greenaway presents his films as a faculty member at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

The summer of 2001 offered courses with renown faculty  members that included Jacques Derrida, philosophy; Jean-Luc Nancy, philosophy; Avital Ronell, philosophy; Peter Greenaway, film; John Waters, film; Martin Hielscher, literature; Wolfgang Schirmacher, philosophy; Sandy Stone, mew media; Gregory Ulmer, electracy.

( Photos ) ( Context )

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A internet based artwork is played and projected into a live performance with EBMA.  Text by Mike Basinski, Music Composition by  Don Metz,

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reflection)

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The European Graduate School,

Saas-Fee 2000

with John Waters, Martin Hielscher, Peter Greenaway, Jon Luc Nancy, Avital Ronnel, Jacque Derrida, Yve-Alain Bois, Slavoj Zizek, Gregory Ulmer, Giorgio Agamben, Pierre Aubenque, Wolfgang Schirmacher and Fred Ulfers.

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Longing for Home + Pain = Nostalgia

Anton Chekhov's play merges with a projected virtual reality set within in a fabric environment by John Toth.  Directed by Francesca Arkus and portrayed by Jean Taylor at Access Theater, Soho, New York.
(Proposal)  (Artworks)   (Catalog)  (Reviews)

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Fabric and light installation by John Toth designed for the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford, England.

Convergence, 3 fabric units 30'x40"x50' with light and video projections
Confluence, 6 fabric units each 10'x10'x10' with light and video projections   

(Proposal)  (slideshow 1) (slideshow 2)

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In A Circle

Intermedia performance at Audart Gallery, New York  Dance: Lynn Brown & Lynn Marie Ruse, Music: Composer; Don Metz, "Turbulence",  Sculpture Installation: John Toth, Video: John Toth 

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reflection) (Art & Technology)

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Inner Eye

The Inner Eye is an internet based, intermedia project dedicated to collaborations with artists, educators, choreographers, dancers, poets, writers, actors, directors, composers, musicians and a variety of people who celebrate ideas between multiple disciplines and media.

Artists Rikki Asher, Michael Basinski, Jerry James, Chris Mahoney, John Toth, Nancy Galeota-Wozny and Laura Young were asked to link visual art works with a favorite work of literature.

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Shrines to Fantasy

Computer animation and digital prints at Audart gallery in New York, NY.

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reviews)

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Audio sample from DVD.

Gort: NY Seeings

Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY. Sat., Mar. 25, 1995.

Intermedia performance that premiered at the Hallwalls theater in Buffalo, New York. Michael Colquhoun creates a cult praising android Gort. John Toth computer animations are layered into a fabric environments with video projectors that construct a creative space for poetry by Michael Basinski and music by Don Metz. Based on the fiftieth anniversary of the sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. Featuring Craig Bove; John Bacon Jr.; Michael Basinski; Michael Colquhoun; Louis DeCarlo; Don Metz; and introducing Dan Rigney

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reviews)

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Alternatives: 20 Years of Hallwalls

The Burchfield-Penny Art Center in Buffalo New York hosts its 20th Anniversary of Hallwalls Art Center with curator Elizabeth Licatta. 
Fri., Apr. 7, 1995
Co-sponsored/co-presented by: The Lannan Foundation, The Museum Program of The National Endowment for The Arts, Independent Health, The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, The Arts Council of Buffalo and Erie County, M & T Bank.

John Toth, installation of Satellites.


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Paraliminal Connections

A solo showing of paintings and sculptures by John Toth at the Barbara Schuller Gallery, Buffalo, NY. April 30 - June 12, 1993

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Festival Of The Moons

Bridgewater's / South Street Seaport, New York, NY. 1994  

John Toth fabric installation

(Photo archive) (Artworks)

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The Return of the Cadavre Exquis

The Drawing Center in New York City, curated by  L. Titzer and I. Schaffner, revisits an idea started by the Dada artists at the turn of the century. This show traveled to The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Fundacion para el Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA and at the Forum For Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO. Collaborators John Toth, Ed Sobola and Ray Rapp pioneer digital media to an analog method.  

(Proposal)  (Artworks)  (Reviews)

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Computer Art: An Ohio Perspective

"Exploring the digital aesthetic arena" is the goal of curator Jud Yalkut and Tom Baggs in a show of pioneers in digital media. The Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, Ohio. April 13-May 16, 1993.

Artworks by: Steina Vasulka, Woody Vasulka, Nam June Paik,  Jeffrey Schier, John Toth     

(Proposal)  (Artworks)

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Bandmental: In Concert

Presented at: Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY. Sat., Mar. 27, 1993

David Hatchett (songwriter), Lill Luboya (vocalist), with John Toth (artist/composer/percussionist), Kenny Lienhardt (guitarist), and Christopher Wynter (violinist).



The EBMA presents an Intermedia performance at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. with Mike Basinski: poetry, Don Metz; music, Ed Sobola; slide projections and John Toth fabric sculpture, projected slides and film.  John Toth premiere of Graylines, a computer generated image that acts as a interface for a solo musical instrument. 

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The Red Studio

In a commissioned performance of  “THE RED STUDIO,"  I collaborated with Tom Aprile and Laura Young at Montclair State College and brought Matisse's studio in Issy to life using projected computer animation to create a moving set with  fabric sculpture, film, dance, and music, where the past and Future was  revealed in the moment. 

Video of "The Red Studio", 1992, 45:00, color, sound.

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core s

Core Samples

Paintings, sculptures and computer works at Asage Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  


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P Marimba, 5:17, Yamaha midi-sequencer sound composition, 1990. © John Toth 1990

(Proposal) (Artworks) (Reviews)

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Working in Brooklyn / Installations
: Coresamples

Charlotta Kotik is the curator for the Brooklyn Museum's Working in Brooklyn biannual in   Brooklyn, New York. John Toth presents Coresamples, based on archeological methods for uncovering dinosaur bones. 

(Artworks)   (Catalog) 

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Tales of Exile

Premiered in 1989 at the Lincoln Center "Out-Of-Doors Festival" in New York with Ruby Shang Dance Company and theater performance directed  by Gilbert T'sai with music composition by  Carman Moore and fabric structures by John Toth.  

(Artworks)  (Reviews)

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Saurs: Head and Torso

At the City Gallery in New York, a site-specific installation of Plexiglas dinosaur bones with  fabric and cable by John Toth  becomes an instrument for an Intermedia performance with the EBMA members  Mike Basinski: poetry and Jim Perone; composition, synthesizer.  


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Presented at:  Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY. Sun., Mar. 13, 1988

The East Buffalo Media Association's, consisting of Michael Basinski, Louis De Carlo, Don Metz, James Perone, Edward Sobala, and John Toth, premiere of SAURS, with music by Don Metz and text by Michael Basinski. SAURS features JURASSIC GYMNOSPERM JUNGES, DINOSAURS WHISPERING IN MY EAR, BEEFHEART BOP, LAURASIA/RIFTING AND THE DRIFT, and IRRIDATION.


Magarac: Sheet Metal

Bethlehem Steel Mill, Lakawanna, NY.

Mytho-poetic performance Intermedia unfolds in one of the first steel mills in the United States.  EBMA presents Intermedia at the Bethlehem Steel Mill with Mike Basinski (poetry), John Toth (fabric installation, projected slides and film), Don Metz (composer), Ed Sobola (slides). 


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Line of Least Resistance

Citibank Headquarter
Rochester, New York, NY


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Prelude / dinoSAURS

Pyramid Gallery, Rochester, NY.

A Post-Jurrasaic Intermedia performance installation.

John Toth, sculpture installation.

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A work by Jack Kerouac becomes subject matter for Intermedia discovery; sonic vocabulary, a fabric sea and patches of dappled light make an environment that puts you under the sea. At Media Study / Buffalo with Mike Basinski: poetry, Don Metz; music, Ed Sobola; slide projections and John Toth   fabric sculpture, projected slides and film. 

(Proposal)  (Artworks)   (Catalog)  (Reviews)

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Buscaglia-Castillani Art Museum,
Lewiston, NY. 1983.

John Toth, solo exhibition, sculptures, painting and collages.   

(Artworks)  (Reviews)

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Cloth Forms

Dayton Art Institute
Dayton, OH.

Pam Houk curates artists who work in fabric including Christo, Lucas Samaras, John Toth.  

(Proposal)  (Artworks)   (Catalog)  (Reviews)

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Constructive Landscape  

Artpark, Lewiston, NY., July 1982
John Toth, Painted wood sculpture (arrtist in residence)


Color Light and Mass: Ten Sculptors

Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY.  Fri., Feb. 6, 1981 — Tue., Mar. 3, 1981
Co-sponsored/co-presented by: The National Endowment for The Arts, The New York State Council on The Arts and Artists Space

Hallwalls' first all sculpture show. Exhibition of works by artists featuring: Nancy Arlen (cast polyester); Gary Burnley (INSTALLATION VIEW, 1979, Della Robia glaze on hydrostone); Tom Butter (S.T., 1980, fiberglass and polyester resin); R.M. Fischer (showing ROCKER LAMPS, and SALON LAMP); Skip Koebbeman (from Louisville, NY, showing ENERGIES AND SYNERGIES, 1979-1980, painted wood); Tom Rankin (polyvinyl chloride pipe); F.L. Schroder (enamel on welded aluminum); Gib Smith (LEISURE SATELLITE II, 1908, aluminum); Taro Suzuki (WILD WEASALS, 1980, mirrors, Plexiglas, and light); and John Toth (from Buffalo, NY showing GATESCAPE NO. 1, painted wood), and (S-S 1, 1980, painted wood). Curated by G. Roger Denson

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Presented at: Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY Sat., Feb. 7, 1981
Co-sponsored/co-presented by:  The Committee for Visual Arts Inc., Artists' Space

In conjunction with the COLOR, LIGHT, AND MASS: TEN SCULPTORS exhibition, a lecture featuring artists who will show slides and discuss their work including: Nancy Arlen; R.M. Fischer; Skip Koebbeman; F.L. Shroder; Taro Suzuki; John Toth.

  Presented at: Hallwalls. Fri., Dec. 19, 1980 — Thu., Jan. 8, 1981

On view in the Matrix Room: collage and reliefs by John Toth.


The Creative Associates presented its final farewell performance at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N. Y. with a John Cage and LeJaren Hiller composition from the 1960's , "HPSCHD", with harpsichordists: Aki Takahishi, David Tudor, David Fuller, Yvar Mikhasoff and Neely Bruce. Visual artist   John Toth collaborates with Cage and Hiller by creating a large fabric environment  to receive 40 slide projectors, 16 film projectors and 8 super-eight film projections

(Program)  (Artworks)  (Reviews)

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magnetic reversal

My Wits About You

Buffalo, NY.1980

Magnetic Reversal,
John Toth, Sculptural sound installation. For 4 amplified aquarium bubbles and Teac 4 track audio tape player.




HALLWALLS: GROUP SHOW FIVE YEARS, Mon., Nov. 5, 1979 — Thu., Nov. 15, 1979  Presented at:  Upton Gallery (Buffalo State College)
and Presented at The New Museum, New York, NY.
Co-sponsored/co-presented by: University at Buffalo, Department of Art Education, The National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts

The premiere of the traveling exhibition representing Hallwalls artists from 1974-present. Featuring artists Diane Bertolo, Ellen Carey, Charles Clough, Tony Conrad, William Currie, Tom Damrauer, G. Roger Denson, Nancy Dwyer, Biff Henrich, George Howell, Joseph Hryvniak, Debra Jenks, Kate Kennedy, David Kulik, Violet Lee, Robert Longo, Larry Lundy, John Maggiotto, Laurie Neaman, Linda Neaman, Kevin Noble, Ken Pelka, Robert Risman, Ann Rosen, Scott Rucker, Cindy Sherman, Stephanie Taddeo, John Toth, Anne Turyn, Michael Zwack.

homage to rothko Homage to Rothko

Artists' Gallery, Buffalo, NY. , May, 1979

John Toth, fabric environment.


Last One To The Top

Artpark, Lewiston, NY., Wed., Jun. 7, 1978 — Sun., Jun. 11, 1978

Five days of exhibitions, performances, and presentations at the state park in Lewiston, N.Y. by Carol Busch; Richard Gustin; Ladd Kessler; Kate Kennedy; David Kulik; Larry Lundy; John Maggiotto; Laurie Neaman; Sue Sapienza; Armand Saiia; Kim Teirlynk; John Toth; Peggy Yunque

environmental transparency

Environmental Transparency

Presented at: Hallwalls, Fri., Jul. 21, 1978 — Wed., Aug. 2, 1978

Stephen Condon, John Gasper, and John Toth; fabric and bent poplar.

orthographic projection

Orthographic Projection

Stienburg Gallery, Washington University, St. Louis, MO., May 1977

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Bottle Wall

Electronic sound to light interface. University of Missouri, Rolla, MO.




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Index of Artworks


Digital Media Archive 1 - 2 - Sculpture Archive - Painting Archive - Drawing Archive - Portfolio Archive

all images (c) copyright 1986-12 John Toth

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