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Intermedia. Hypermedia and the Sublime.



I am an intermedia artist and use a computer as an insturment to explore the layering of sculpture, painting, music, sound, dance, video, film, slides and written text. This interdisciplinary layering of art disciplines allows for relationships to be made between media. These multi-perceptual collages explore the effects of presenting simultaneous media on our senses. The intent of this process is to broaden the language of artistic expression and consider the ways in which our multiple senses effect the way we experience life around us.

DESIGN: Create a fabric installation for the 50' high lobby of the Museum entrance and a fabric environment to project film in the cafe ceiling.

A blueprint of the museum allowed me to construct a virtual fabric installation onto VRML model of museum that I posted onto on a internet webpage. 

Convergence is a fabric structure that collects light and disperses its energy along form. Translucent stretched fabric can fill a room with its ethereal volume and at the same time it opens a room in a way that defies physics. Folding and twisting through space an ellipsoid surface makes one aware of the presence of light that holds a conversation with the room. Instead of filling a volume of space it creates an awareness of open space. Convergence is a structure that effects the movement of energy. Like a net that is cast into the sea, it collects light, transfers the flow of air and gives our eyes a place to flow, shifting our thoughts to a slower more contemplative frame of mind.

Digital Art

the Digital Self

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" News, Meets Orba ",  #6c, 1990, art work confronts the news; series

INNER EYE is an internet gallery that I created that focuses on relationships between artworks, media and literature.


" 	Anti-Gravity Room ", 1997-98, Audart, Performances: 10/16/97, 11/6/97, 12/11/97


In A Circle: Above
Dance:  Lynn Brown & Lynn Marie Ruse
Dancers: Lynn Brown & Lynn Marie Ruse
Music: Composer; Don Metz, "Turbulence"
Sculpture Installation: John Toth
Video: John Toth
In A Circle is a sculptural fabric installation that I designed for the Art and Technology Circus. The installation of fabric is a structure for activity and performance. Within this performance structure I have asked choreographers, composers, visual artists, technicians, cyber artists, dancers, musicians, singers, poets, actors and performance artists to collaborate. Thinking on the multi definitions of a circus led us to focus on the "circus ring" or "circle". (continued)

Sarah Carl dancing " In A Circle " at the Audart Gallery, Oct. 16, 1997

FABRIC installation brings projected video and film off   the flat screen into 3-D space and time.  Virtual reality moves out of the TV   box and becomes an environmental experience.

In another  show at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y., I created a fabric sculpture installation in collaboration with John Cage and LeJaren Hiller's "HPSCHD", which uses 40 slide projectors, 16 film projectors and 6 harpsichords. With Aki Takahishi, David Tudor, David Fuller, Yvar Mikhasoff and Neely Bruce.

" Paradigm Shift ", 1996, from the Folded Metal series



" Inner Weather ", acrylic on canvas



" Core Samples ", 1990, Brooklyn Museum Installations



VRML Sculptures, 1998

3-d Sculptures
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E.B.M.A. at The Artsists Gallery, Buffalo, NY, 1987

Inter Media

As an artist, educator and resident of New York City I am increasingly aware of the need and dilemma of comprehending a complex and  changing world of ideas and boundaries. My philosophy is simple, "Ask questions". Questions are like tools and they can be used to mine consciousness and penetrate the layers of possibilities that make possible a journey towards meaning. My current works, "Questionings", are montages that juxtapose news / media images, museum art works, computer imaging and concepts on chaos theory that explore multiple meanings within complex systems.

Art Intersects with Education at The Museum Of Modern Art


Museum of Modern Art
Lincoln Center Institute
Brooklyn College /
Early Childhood Center
William O. Schaefer School


World Fashion


internet learning

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