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The Arts: an Interdisciplinary Experience

Art Lessons

Prof John Toth


 Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon


 Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon, Thomas Pritchard Rossiter and Louis Remy Mignot, 1959. o/c

Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon
Thomas Pritchard Rossiter and Louis Remy Mignot, 1959. o/c

Art Lessons:  

Body Language and Facial Expression
Explore ways in which body gestures, hand gestures, facial gestures can assist in verbal story telling. Explore gestures that occur in everyday tasks. Explore gestures that exaggerate add some to a personal story.

  Concrete Poem
Explore ways in which language can be used to “break out of the box” of its conventional way of transmitting meaning.
  The Work of Art
Explore the museum. Make sketches of things you notice in the paintings/sculptures. Discover ways of entering a work of art through experiential activity and reflective inquiry.


The Arts: Lesson Plans

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night,

Van Gogh’s Starry Night, by Virginie Martin, December 2006. (3 year olds)
The Starry night by Vincent van Gogh, by Natalie Schmidt-Latado, 2006. (4-5 year olds)
Jacob Lawrence, Tombstones, 1958.
Planning Session for a Visual Arts Unit of Study: Tombstones by Jacob Lawrence, by Michal Bisson, 2006. (First-graders)