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Computer Art: An Ohio Perspective

April 13  - May 16, 1993
Video Screenings:

John Toth: "The Red Studio", with Tom Aprile and Laura Young, 1992, 45:00, color, sound.

Steina Vasulka: "Digital Vision", with Woody Vasulka and Jeffrey Schier. 1980, 21:20, b&w, sound.

Nam June Paik: "Vusac-NY", with Betsy Connors and Paul Garrin, 1984, 27:10, color, sound.

Jud Yalkut: "The Garden of Paradise", 1984, 9:00, color, sound.   links: 1, 2, 3

Les Young: "Frozen Fire", computer animation, 9:58, color, sound

The Exhibition:
Paul Badger
Tom Baggs, "Ramone", 1992, Dye-sublimation print, 12" x 15"
Bruce Beasley
Mary Belanger
David Berry
Ron Booten
Laura Brown
Kelly Cassel

Jaime Castells

Yina Chang

Kristen Cheevers

Ron Coleman

Hugh Stephenson

Joan Staveley

Joseph Stoner
Stephen Sullivan
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John Toth, "Into Infinities", Acrylic on Tyvek, photographs, computer prints, 56"x40"

Timothy Wilbers
Nancy Willman
McCrystle Wood
Bill Woodard
Walter Wright
Julia Yarden
Jennifer Zaums
Donna Zoll
with funding from
Ohio Arts Council

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